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Happy Birthday Erinwiko! »

What’s up Cats and Kittens? If you’ll allow me to indulge you all momentarily, i’d like to share a brief story about how I helped Erinwiko to have a most excellent birthday this past Saturday. In the weeks leading up to her birthday, I had been making sure I reminded her frequently about how she [...]

Chadwiko’s Chilli Cheesy Burnt Butter Gnocchi »

You know the old clich├ęd saying that you’d hear a drunk and surly Lee Marvin hurl at the upstart young cowboy hero? “This town’s not big enough for the two of us!”. Well, sometimes, that same phrase can apply to the kitchen in the Wiko household. It’s not that Erinwiko is territorial about the kitchen, [...]

Food Photos (and a general example of the blog functionality) »

These are just some of the Food Porn photos of various dishes that Erinwiko has made! I’m sure at a later date she will come in, give appropriate credits to various cookbooks and blog authors, as well as include recipes and reviews of the dishes!

Happy Smoochgivings, Merins! »

Surprise! This new and fancy looking blog is fully functional and ready to go! Now you can share all of your recipes, test creations, restaurant reviews, random rants and various raunch with the world easily and professionally! Over the past month or two, i’ve been working with a professional web designer mate to try and [...]