Happy Birthday Erinwiko!

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What’s up Cats and Kittens?

If you’ll allow me to indulge you all momentarily, i’d like to share a brief story about how I helped Erinwiko to have a most excellent birthday this past Saturday.

In the weeks leading up to her birthday, I had been making sure I reminded her frequently about how she was now going to be transitioning from early-twenties to mid-twenties, and that this was an endeavour fraught with danger and diabetes. I reassured her that sugar would soon be leaving her diet so as to avoid any nasty loss of appendages, and so forth. I found this hilarious to no end, whereas Erinwiko seemed to be unable to see the hilarity in my assertions.

On the morning of her special day, I arose early. Much earlier than I usually would. I don’t like mornings, but that’s a story for another time, friends. The previous week she had been raving all about how Vegan Brunch had reignited her interest levels in breakfast (as you can see here and here). As such, it became quite apparent that making her a delicious breakfast would be a worthwhile undertaking. But what to make?

I don’t like fruit in baked goods. I like fruit. I liked baked goods. I don’t like combining them. I find it unnatural and ungodly. Erinwiko, however, is a big big fan, and unfortunately she frequently forgoes partaking in these treats because she knows I don’t eat them, and to bake them would mean she would be “forced” (her words) to eat an entire pie, or some such.

With that in mind, I thought it would be super-awesome of me to make her something with some king of fruit. After flicking through Vegan Brunch and browsing ThePPK cookbook challenge forums, I settled on making the Lemon-Cashew stuffed Crepes with Raspberry Bliss

Lemon cashew-filled crepes with whole berry sauce

Some things to note about this recipe, from someone who doesn’t frequently cook;

  • The crepe mixture recipe was perfect, and delicious. Hands down the best vegan crepe/pancake recipe i’ve come across so far
  • I didn’t read the recipe ahead of time, and didn’t realise that I was supposed to soak the cashews for 8 hours prior to making the stuffing. This resulted in the stuffing being slightly grainy, however it still tasted great, and Erinwiko seemed to be a big fan regardless
  • For the berry mixture, I used frozen raspberries, which worked fine. However, I don’t recommend forgetting to put the frozen raspberries in the freezer, because the first 15 minutes of your cooking time will be spent cleaning up stains on your kitchen counter top.
  • These were super-filling. Erinwiko was able to eat about 2 and a half before she got the look of distress on her face that lets me know she’s eaten too much. She managed to power on through to finish up on 3 total, and I chalk this up to their deliciousness.

So, Happy Birthday Erinwiko! I hope you enjoyed your fancy fruit crepes, and I hope you had a great day (with me. I know what we did. I think it was pretty great).

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  1. Happy Birthday Erin! Those crepes look like a great birthday breakfast.

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    Jojo | Mar 29, 2011 | Reply

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