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Erinwiko. Feeder of the house, sweet tooth, chronic over-committer. I’m a full time community development policy officer, part time Masters student, and night time recipe tester and hobby baker. I love to travel and eat my way through new countries, and found my true cuisine-love in Cambodia. Passionate about gender and development, Australian Indigenous affairs and food security/food justice. With a love of knitting and canning, I’m going to be a great stereotypical old lady one day.


Chadwiko. Self-proclaimed ‘sports guy’, American politics nerd, friend to lost Moroccan goats. Chadwiko loves the Washington Redskins, North Melbourne Kangaroos, Boston Celtics and a host of others that no one can keep track of. Has a zombie outbreak preparedness kit and is obsessively fond of key lime pie. Chadwiko dreams of moving to the US, working in American politics and grilling seitan ribs with his vegan friends at tailgate parties outside FedEx Field.


Hank Scorpio and Pants. Rescue dogs of the Wiko household. Hank is a neurotic defender of his yard against possum threats, wannabe cooking show host (or at least, this is what we interpret from his insistence on standing on his hind legs against the kitchen counter) and was once DNA tested to find that he’s made from almost every breed in existence. Pants is a living teddy bear, devourer of fresh plums from our tree, and devoted mother to her toy giraffe, Muammar Giffari.

Together, we live in Canberra, Australia and believe that you can draw more flies to veganism with agave than with vinegar.

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  1. ameyfm September 16, 2013 at 10:16 am Reply

    Hey! I just discovered this not-so-new page on your blog, and I LOVE IT! I am a 100% WikoFan. Say hi to Hank S & Pants for me!

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