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The newest member of the Wiko family, Mr Hank Scorpio!

With a visiting Laura in tow, we spent our Friday driving three hours out to Wagga Wagga to visit Wagga Animal Rescue. The Wagga pound is a kill shelter, where animals without microchips are euthanised within seven days. Those with microchips are given fourteen days. Hank was lucky to be picked up by the animal rescue organisation, who work to rehome abandoned puppies and older dogs.

The moment we saw him tackling much larger dogs despite his size, we knew he was our feisty little puppy. He’s since settled in well here, claiming our house (and possessions) as his own. Although he’s starting to show his terrier craziness, he’s a smart little beast.

He’s also enjoying the vegan lifestyle, including this apparently delicious mock pig’s ear.

He looks confused, but he was loving it.

Welcome home, Hank!

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  1. You guys have GOT to check out ‘The Goode Family’. Mike Judge’s new project. Has a vegan dog, good show!

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    Erick Watson | Jan 17, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hank is the cutest and he totally suits his name!

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    Mandee | Jan 27, 2011 | Reply

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