Cookbook challenge: Creole stuffed capsicums and hot sauce tempeh

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When we decided to travel though North America last year, there were a few motivating factors. The main ones were to see friends, visit Comic Con and acquire decent hot sauce. For the most part, the hot sauces readily available here are severely limited in their variety. So to Chadwiko, the resident hot sauce connoisseur of our house, the US was a glorious, spicy hot sauce paradise.

Needless to say, when he saw the recipe in Veganomicon for hot sauce-glazed tempeh, he was a little bit excited. He promised to make it one day, although that never happened. So I took it upon myself to make it for him this week.

Creole stuffed capsicums and hot sauce glazed tempeh

I paired the tempeh with Creole stuffed capsicums, substituting cannellini beans and a few kidney beans for the black eyed peas, as they’re pretty much impossible to find in tinned form here. These were good, and Hank seemed to agree from the bite he stole while we weren’t looking from a plate left on the coffee table. I don’t tend to cook tempeh often, other than putting it in things like chilli. So this was the first time I’d ever steamed it, and I definitely see why it’s always recommended. I fried the tempeh for a bit longer than the recipe said, to make the outside crispy while the inside stayed creamy. Chadwiko gave it all a thumbs up (his mouth was too preoccupied for verbal feedback).

And to top it off, this was super easy. Easy enough that a hot sauce-loving Chadwiko could make it next time.

Subtlety was never my strong point.

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