Oasis in a political wasteland.

We moved to Canberra from Adelaide in January this year, and for the first couple of hours living here we were delighted by the (approximately four) sights to take in. The novelty wore off pretty quickly, but in my time here I’ve been able to compile a comprehensive list of things that Canberra has over Adelaide. These include:

  • Actual career opportunities
  • Better bike paths
  • Question time as a spectator sport
  • 4dead
  • And Au Lac, the vegan Vietnamese restaurant.

Because celebration, as far as I’m concerned, is synonymous with ‘gorging until my sinuses are packed with food’, the latter was where we chose to have our anniversary dinner.  A slightly dodgy establishment (albeit with classy water feature, likely procured from Bunnings) housed in a building owned by Jackie Chan, Au Lac is home to vegan mock meat dishes that have consistently blown the minds of our omnivorous family and friends.

When I gave up meat, the only difficult goodbye was my parting with squid. So imagine my delight when we first walked into Au Lac in our first week here, after a long day of lake-admiring (or other such tedious tourist activity), and saw mock salt and pepper squid on the menu. And even better, it was delicious. ‘Canberra,’ I said to myself, ‘you’re okay’.

Chicken drumsticks

Roast duck

Lemongrass chicken

Salt and pepper squid

Thanks Au Lac, for a delightful anniversary feast and for generally keeping Canberra bearable.

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  1. Erinwiko November 30, 2010 at 10:19 pm Reply

    Oh, you mean Eggless? I haven’t been yet but I’ve heard very good things.

    And we didn’t mean to miss you last time! We were super busy and not there for nearly long enough. But we’re in town for 10 days this time, no excuses! Looking forward to it.

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  2. Anna November 28, 2010 at 9:35 pm Reply

    My friend, we have missed you dearly! Congratulations on three years with Chad! He told me multiple times to comment on your website which he lovingly created for your anniversary. Can’t wait until you’re back in Adelaide (although you did forget to stop by last time) and we’ll go for fabulous desserts! I’ve discovered a little place that does THE BEST dessert, and even better they don’t use eggs and cater for vegans.
    Catch you on the flip side!
    Anna xx

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